Sponsorship Fund and Donations

Sponsorship Fund

The Chevannes Chess Academy has created a fund that will enable those less fortunate to still take part in our events. The fund will purely be used to support families and individuals wanting to go to events but cannot afford to.

The Chevannes Chess Academy promises to put 10% of the profit from any event it runs or helps subsidise. This 10% will therefore not be used in the running of the events but will be given to families and individuals personally.

Anyone who wishes to have some financial help can apply for support from this fund in confidence by emailing [email protected] with the details of the event you wish to go to and the amount you need.

Please Donate - every little helps!

Since the chess events that the CCA runs do not make a lot of money, there will not be a great deal in the fund so we will rely on donations. We would appreciate any donations, no matter how small, to enable our children to enter events that they wish to. Please click the button below to donate now!

Contact us if you want to remain anonymous or whether you want to enter the donation hall of fame!

Hall of Fame

I would like to say thank so much for all those who have donated money to the Chevannes Chess Academy sponsorship fund. Due to all our donations so far, we have been able to buy some extremely impressive prizes for the National Girls’ Chess Championships and also arrange some fully funded coaching. We appreciate all of your donations, no matter how small as they really do all add up and make a difference.

Check out our hall of fame below to see our biggest donors!

Kings (£500+)

The John Robinson Trust, Anonymous,

Queens (£100-£499.99)

Sabrina Chevannes, Jovanka Houska, Adam Hunt,

Rooks (£50-£99.99)

Tess Olivia June Lamond,

Bishops (£30-£49.99)

Vitharnsak Tao Bhokanandh,

Knights (£10-£29.99)

Annette Birch, Anonymous, Rasa Norinkeviciute, Mike Basman, Jenny Noe-Nordberg, Anna Noe-Nordberg,

Pawns (£0-£9.99)

Lynn Davison, Dr. Kumar,

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