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CCA School Awards

Each term, the CCA presents awards for various categories in each of the school chess clubs. Here are the winners for Summer Term 2011:

Old Vicarage School

High Flyers:

Amelie Hales (Year 3)
Bella Lack (Year 3)
Jo Jo Compton (Year 5)

Star Quality:

Kaitlyn Hanson-Puffer (Year 2)
Maria Uria Kabashima (Year 3)
Ella Cross (Year 4)

Most Improved:

Marnie Brighton (Year 3)
Alexia Gronblom-Hammerich (Year 4)


Dulwich College Prep School

High Flyers:

Arthur King (Year 2)
Kaya Hussain (Year 2)
Hector Wilton (Year 4)
Danyl Worsop (Year 3)

Star Quality:

Maxwell Brooks (Year 2)
Rishi Sharma (Year 4)
Calum Butler (Year 4)
Harry Goodwin (Year 5)

Most Improved:

Danny Barrow (Year 2)
Kiran Patel (Year 2)
Leonardo Pereira-Dias (Year 2)
Oliver French (Year 3)
Felix Nagl (Year 4)


St. Paul’s Girls’ School

High Flyers:

Roxana Legezynksa (Year 11)

Star Quality:

Amita Singh (Year 7)
Claire Ehr (Year 9)

Most Improved:

Lucy Hart (Year 9)
Josie Dallas (Year 9)

Simul Challenge

Each term, I give simultaneous displays in each of the schools I teach in. This is usually done at the end of term as a special occasion. I usually have 30 – 45 minutes to complete all games and any that are not completed have to be adjudicated.

The Chevannes Chess Academy now have a Simul Challenge which will take part across all the schools that we teach in. The aim of the challenge is easy: the pupil who lasts the most amount of moves each term will be declared the winner and awarded a certificate.

Any player who beats me during a simultaneous display will receive a trophy, and any player who draws receives a medal.

The results for the Summer Term 2011 are as follows:

1st place (17 moves):       Marcus Khullar – Year 2, Dulwich College Preparatory School
Bella Lack  - Year 3, Old Vicarage School, Richmond
2nd place (15 moves):      Daisy Moore – Year 3, Old Vicarage School, Richmond
Danny Barrow – Year 2, Dulwich College Prep School
3rd place (14 moves):      Francesca King – Year 3, Old Vicarage School, Richmond

It is a 100% record for me this term, so no trophies or medals given out, but congratulations to these students who lasted the longest.


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